How many trees make an orchard?  Our wonderful learners from Clarendon School can tell you that the answer is 5! 

On the 3rd of February, we had a fabulous celebration of the new orchard funded by the Royal Park Mission Invertebrate Team. This included a visit from the hugely talented storyteller, Olivia Armstrong and our fabulous musical volunteer, Terry Smith who got the children wassailing and dancing to the tunes of his ukelele.  A variety of activities kept the children engaged and entertained, they had lots of fun whilst learning about orchards and all the fascinating creatures that live in them.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and the pupils and staff who visited from Clarendon who made this day so memorable.  A special thank you also to the team from  'Mission Invertebrate' who helped us organise this wonderful day.  The Mission Invertebrate project is funded by the Peoples Postcode Lottery.