On a very, very wet day in February pupils from Clarendon Primary donned their rain gear and took part in a special Amphibian Day here at The Holly Lodge Centre.

The classroom was transformed into a pond, complete with giant lily pads, and was the perfect setting for our fabulous storyteller Olivia Armstrong. She used puppetry, songs, props, and crafts to engage the group, who were enthusiastic and really enjoyed it.

On the nature trail we delivered sensory activities themed around the lifecycle of a frog and were joined by Rebecca and Emily from Froglife who shared their expert knowledge with the children. Rebecca also kindly made crocheted tadpoles for each child to take home.

The wildlife must have heard we were looking for amphibians as we under some logs we discovered two toads camouflaged in the mud and a family of newts. Another newt was caught by pupil whilst pond dipping in our raised pond.