We welcomed Pony Club members from Wimbledon, Cobham and Park Lane Stables to the Centre this week and helped them earn their Birds and Map Reading badges.

The badges are two of many they can earn being a Pony Club member and we arranged a special day for a group of 18 young people, aged 7 - 20, to join us and work on them. We ran a special Map Skills session using a compass and learning grid references which were then put to the test in a treasure hunt around the nature trail. The groups worked fantastically as a team and made it to the prize at the end! They also spent time bird watching at our bird hide and saw at least 8 differnt species of bird. They also looked at different birds nests and created their own in the outdoor classroom. At the end of the day everyone was presented with their badges. It was a wonderful day and one we hope to do again in the future. Thank you to the staff at the Pony Club and stables for the support in setting up the day.