To help make your visit run smoothly, we have provided some guidance on:

  • what to wear
  • refreshments 
  • code of behaviour, including the appropriate adult/child ratio and supervision responsibilities.
  • minibus and coach permits

The Centre is in the middle of Richmond Park, which is a National Nature Reserve and you can help to protect it.  We provide guidance on how to “Tread Lightly” in the Park.

What to wear

Visitors are requested to come suitably dressed for the occasion and season.  Long trousers are advised at all times of the year due to the risk of ticks in the park, and in wet weather wellies and waterproof clothing are recommended.  Warmth and comfort are priorities for those with disabililties. Remember, 'There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing'. If the weather is totally unsuitable for an outdoor session then the activity will be carried out inside.


Groups are welcome to bring packed lunches and drinks, as there is space indoors and a picnic lawn where groups can eat. Please take all rubbish back with you. Fresh drinking water is available, and the nearest food outlets are at Roehampton Gate and Pembroke Lodge.  Please do let us know if you plan to stay for lunch before or after your session.

Code of behavior at the Centre 

To ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit we ask that all groups read, share and abide by the following code of conduct:

  • Please ensure you have an appropriate ratio of adults to pupils to supervise your group. We recommend 1:5/6 for primary school children, and an appropriate number of carers for groups with disabilities. Please note that we will often split into smaller groups to enable the children to have a hands on experience, do ensure you have enough adults with the group to allow for this.
  • Teachers and adult helpers are responsible for supervising their group at all times. 
  • Visitors should listen to and comply with any requests and instructions given by the Centre’s volunteers and staff.
  • Visitors should be encouraged to use our hands-on artefacts and equipment carefully.  Teachers and parent helpers must intervene if they see a pupil using an object in a dangerous or destructive manner.  Please report any damage to a member of staff or volunteer. 
  • For their own safety, visitors should not walk around the Holly Lodge yard unless accompanied by a member of staff or volunteer, or run anywhere on site (except during a break time on the picnic lawn). 
  • Leave any spaces you are using as you would wish to find them, by collecting up any picnic litter and waste food.

Minibus and Coach Permits

Coaches and minibuses require permits to enter the park. When you send back your booking form, you will receive a pack containing your minibus/coach permit. On the day of the trip please bring both your bus permit and a copy of your booking form with you.


There is a free car park on site.

Tread Lightly in the Park

Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  It has abundant and diverse ecology and wildlife.  The Centre strives to protect and conserve this, so if you have an activity in the Park or are walking through it to visit the Centre, please “Tread Lightly” by:

  • Not leaving litter in the park as this can kill deer and birds if they eat it
  • Not removing chestnuts (an important winter feed for the deer) or any flora and/or fungi (many of the wildflowers and fungi are rare) as they are important for the biodiversity of the Park.
  • Not disturbing fallen and dead wood as this will damage the habitat of beetles and other insects that live in it.
  • Keeping away from deer as they are wild animals; the females are particularly dangerous during spring (birthing time) and the males in autumn (rutting time) when they are fighting.

To find out more about this, see a message from Sir David Attenborough and download a leaflet click here