Suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 

A basic introduction to the world of plants, including tress, their structure, their means of reproduction and their importance to all life forms.

Which season is best for this activity?

This session is best done in Spring or Summer

Learning objectives and links to the national curriculum

This session focuses on the Science Programme of Study “Plants”. The session is adapted to suit both key stages.  

1. Identify and naming of comming wild and garden plant, including deciduous and evergreen trees.
2. Identify and describe the structure of plants - roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers.
3. Explore the requirements of plants for life and growth.
4. Investigate the way water in transported within plants.
5. For Key Stage 2 - explore pollination and seed dispersal. 

Outline of the Activity

An introduction in the main classroom will set the scene for the session. We then divide into three groups and move outside to explore the trees and plants on our nature trail and in the kitchen garden.